MAY 2022

Downward Facing Dog


@Pacific Palisades

Wed 5:30PM/Fri 10AM

@Santa Monica

Saturday 11AM

24 Hour Fitness

@Santa Monica

Tue 10AM/Fri 1PM

@Manhattan Beach

Mon 7 PM/Wed 9:30 AM

@North Torrance

Wed 12PM


@Santa Monica

5/5 Thur 10:30AM

5/7 Sat 9AM

5/8 Sun 9AM

5/20 Fri 5:30PM

Spiritual Practice for Inner Growth

Yoga immensely healed

my body, mind, and soul 

I started Yoga practice in New York City in 2011. Using my extensive understanding of the human body and psyche, I aim to bring ease and mobility to the body, giving you added strength and flexibility you never knew you had.

The journey of yoga is endless — it all starts with a pose and a thought and expands into a never-ending path of self-discovery and growth. I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.


Yoga Retreat

We need to self-reflect and reconnect with ourselves in a beautiful and serene atmosphere.  Yoga Retreat provides the setting and guidance you need to strengthen your body, mind, and soul. a place to return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and sharing a journey with other like-minded individuals.

in Mexico 


Personal Yoga

Everybody is unique, with their own body structure, strength,

balance, and flexibility.

My holistic approach to Yoga is

to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule, and more importantly, finding your own journey. to transform your body and mind influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your